François' mini-projects

FP etc.

1 Introduction

This package contains a random collection of files which are useful to me (so the FP initials), and probably might be useful to others as well. However, these files are too small to warrant a package on their own, and this is why they just get bundled into this catch-all (so the -etc).

1.1 Components

The remaining sections of this page summarize the various components (roughly sub-packages) of this package. The first sections describe what was published first here, these programs usually have a separate documentation.

1.2 Fetching

If you happen to have Git installed, you may get most of these files, and their history as well, through the command:

git clone

1.3 Installation

One may install everything at once by cd'ing in the proper directory, then executing:

python install

You might prefer hand-installing only the scripts which interest you, as the whole might pollute your execution search path with too many names.

2 Allout-Vim

This package offers Allout mode, as found within Emacs, within a Python-enabled Vim. This is my first packaging of a Vim script. See the README file for Allout-Vim and the Allout-Vim documentation file.

3 Babyl

This Python script is able to read message files either in Babyl format (used by Emacs RMAIL), Unix mailbox format, Usenet articles, and a few others. It may produce a mere summary of the given message file, convert it to either Babyl or mbox, or produce an enscript listing of it.

By converting a message file to the format it already has, the tool may also be used for repairing slightly damaged files.

4 Gantt

This Python script is an activity scheduler, and Gantt diagram printer. It can read many projects simultaneously and automatically distribute unassigned project tasks to workers.

Tasks may depend on dates, or on one another. Workers may be known to be only partially available, or only some specific weekdays. Printouts do not rely on fancy bitmapped graphics, they rather can be seen on a dumb terminal or sent in simple emails. There is a short User manual, written in French.

5 Pynits

This package offers a few useful commands while editing Python sources within a Python-enabled Vim. In particular, the tool may tidy up long (or even short!) lines. See the README file for Pynits and the Pynits documentation file.

6 Remote

The Etc.remote Python module may be imported in a Python program which needs RPC (Remote Procedure Call) services. Given SSH keys have been properly exchanged so remote links could be established without passwords, this module automatically uploads and uses a server as needed. See the French user manual for more information.

7 Traiter

This powerful tool, which I've been using for a lot of years, pre-processes most of the HTML contents on my own sites. It may also be used as a CGI script for dynamically generated pages. It uses a directive language much inspired from Python, and linking with Python internally, yet the keywords are set in French.

This script gets installed along the Miscellaneous scripts, below. There is a French manual describing its usage.

8 Miscellaneous scripts

A little flurry of miscellaneous scripts once were in my own ~/bin/ directory and have been moved here in view of sharing. I excluded those which are only meaningful for myself, or are otherwise intimately tied either to my own file setup or to the configuration of the machines I use.

Most of these scripts have some comments at the beginning describing their use, some offer an help option. I might construct here a short summary listing their name and use.

Three scripts (PythonTidy, unsymblink and vib) have been imported from somewhere else, I should most likely delete them — maybe keeping a documentation reference to the original author and URL.

9 Python modules

This package also installs a Python package named Etc, which holds some functionality that may be imported from Python programs. As for scripts, most of these modules have some comments at the beginning describing their use, and I might produce a content summary here.